MLCCC Newsletter (2016-10-07)

Dear Parents,

Penn Medicine CAREs Grant is honoring MLCCC's Senior programs again!

Congratulations to our Vice Principal, Mr. Qunbin Xiong, a long time Penn Medicine employee, on winning a second grant from the Penn Medicine CAREs Grant program. This grant is part of Penn Medicine's grand initiatives in supporting its employees’ involvement in the local community on the campaign of improving public health and wellness on its behalf. This is the second grant that Qunbin has won on behalf of “MLCCC's Asian Senior CAREs Center (明朗长青俱乐部)". We have and will continue to use this fund to improve and expand the programs for our seniors including offering free annual flu shots, renting a room for their English class, and other benefits.

In the meantime, we also encourage you to explore your employer's Community programs and resources for the possibility of supporting our various programs for seniors and families of the MLCCC community.




Looking forward to seeing you!

Best Regards,

Li, Xia - Principal
Julia Chou - Director of Operations and Communications
Sherry Wang - PTO President
MLCCC Chinese Weekend School
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