MLCCC Newsletter (2016-02-12)

Dear Parents,

First, we would like to take a moment and express our deepest condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Taiwan. The earthquake most sadly occurred on Chinese New Year’s Eve of February 6 when people were preparing to celebrate. May their spirits rest in peace …


Warm wishes to everyone for a healthy and peaceful Year of the Monkey!!!

Thank you so much to ALL for making this year’s gala a great success! What a powerful and festive start it was, with drums, gongs, and 3 lions strutting down the aisles!! Thank you so much to our martial arts teacher Mr. Valentino Rudi, and our lion dancing team!! The performances were wonderful! Peking Opera added a unique element. The chorus at the very end was inspiring, memorable, and dazzling with so many 帅哥美女 handsome men and beautiful women! All of our children, parents, and teachers did a fantastic job! We especially applaud our children for looking so calm and natural on stage. Thank you to everyone for your hard work and preparations! Thank you to our dance teacher Jing Laoshi, and all of the children and adults involved with our dance classes, who rehearsed numerous times in the weeks leading up to the Gala and put on 7 dances for us!

A big Thank You also goes to:
- Sue Cheng for writing the Master of Ceremony script and hosting so gracefully; and
- Ashley Tang and Aaron Tang for doing a fantastic job hosting; and
- Shuguang Liang for stepping up to manage the music during the Gala; and
- Steve Cheng and Alex Greenblatt for taking so many awesome photos!!

Activities in the cafeteria were also fantastic. Every station was packed. New this year was a huge presentation and tasting station of tea that we made. 14 varieties of China’s tea were on display with placards. Three different teas were brewed. So many people came for tastings that 4 gallons of water were used up brewing to fill tiny 3oz tasting cups. This station was a particular favorite of grandparents and we’re glad that our Culture Fair, while geared towards children, also offered a section that our parents enjoyed!

If you have a comment/feedback about our Gala, whether a compliment or suggestion for improvement, please share with us!

Media Coverage:
Media coverage this year is one of the best in MLCCC history, because we made both TV, media website, and likely newspaper coverage!

- Fox29’s cameraman came onsite and shot videos of our performances, which were shown during the Fox29 Six O’Clock News that evening! CHL G1 and G2, our Advanced Dance Class, and many people in the audience were captured! Video is here.

- Main Line Media News put us on their website, including 5 beautiful photos and a video of our lion dance. People in those 5 photos include Brianna Fan, Mindy Zhang, Cynthia Huang, Jing Laoshi, Qiufang Tian, Chris Anthony inside lion, Bensen Li, and a few others.

- Newspaper coverage comes out this weekend and fingers crossed that we’re in it.

More Photos on our Facebook:
We have put some great Gala photos on our Facebook, at the following link.

Some of the high quality photos on our FB include: David Huang, young children from Montessori and K classes, Isabella Fan, Vivian Wu, Annie Sun, Sarah Huang, 2 students from CHL G5, and the 5 photos on the Main Line Media News website. If you are a FB member, please “like” us. If you also have good photos, please share with us.


Food donors (in last name alphabetical order)
Shu Bao, Sue Cheng, Valerie Cheng, Diane Chi, Julia Chou, Yafen Ke, Zhihong Lai, Christina Le, Xia Li, Mingyu Mao, Qi Shen, Di Tang, Qiufang Tian, Ted Underiner, Emily Wang, Fenghua Wang, Liping Wang, Qing Wang, Sherry Wang, Xiaowei Wang, Hua Yan, Elizabeth Yao.

Volunteers (in last name alphabetical order)
Sue Cheng & Steve Cheng & Daniel Cheng, Julia Chou & Tom Le & Tobey Le & Skyler Le & Jenna Chou & Roland Chou, Erjun Daniels, Kuihua Fan, Malia Homber, David Huang, Xiaoyang Jing, Yafen Ke, Zhihong Lai, Christina Le, Stephen Le, Huimin Li, Jack Li, Ling Li & Weidong Chen & Xiangxiang Chen, Wen Li, Xia Li & Jun Huangpu & Kate Huangpu & Tom Huangpu, Shuguang Liang & Sarah Liang & Alan Liang, Jason Lin, Mingyu Mao, Kayla Ngoi, Valentino Rudi, Qi Shen, Ashley Tang & Aaron Tang, Yuefang Tao, Iris Teng, Emily Wang, Fenghua Wang, Liping Wang & Qunbin Xiong, Qiuhong Wang, Sherry Wang & Tom Yang & Kenny Yang, Xiaowei Wang, Xin Wang, Melissa Wright, Hua Yan, Xiaojia Yang, Honglei Yuan, Kevin Zhang, Sherry Zhao, Hong Zhou.

Apologies if we accidentally omitted anyone.




Looking forward to seeing you!

Best Regards,

Li, Xia - Principal
Julia Chou - Director of Operations and Communications
Sherry Wang - PTO President
MLCCC Chinese Weekend School
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