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MLCCC Weekend School - Persistency Award for Chinese Learning - Guidelines

The Main Line Chinese Culture Center has established a "Persistency Award for Chinese Learning" in our Chinese Weekend School in order to award those of our students who have persistently spent years of personal time learning Chinese by attending our classes and doing the homework. We also hope that this award will encourage all our Weekend School students to demonstrate a persistent effort and take pride in learning Chinese and attending Chinese Weekend School.

The guidelines for the Persistency Award for Chinese Learning are as follows:

  • A student who has completed the below number of years/terms of our 2-hour Chinese Heritage Language (CHL) course or Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) course in MLCCC Weekend School will be awarded a Persistency Award Certificate and the corresponding tuition credit at the end of the eligible school year.

    • 3 years (or 9 terms) of CHL or CSL classes - certificate and $100 tuition credit (cumulative)
    • 6 years (or 18 terms) of CHL or CSL classes - certificate and $250 tuition credit (cumulative)
    • 10 years (or 30 terms) of CHL or CSL classes - certificate and $500 tuition credit (cumulative)
    (CHL classes are the Chinese language classes that most of our students are enrolled in.)

    The above award levels are cumulative -- any student who qualifies for the 6-year award who has already received the 3-year award will receive the difference between the two award levels (i.e. $150 tuition credit).

    The tuition credit is only transferrable within the same family (such as to a younger sibling).

  • The qualifying years/terms do not need to be consecutive, as long as the total number of years/terms enrolled in MLCCC's CHL or CSL classes reaches the above levels. For example, students who have left the school and come back can still count the time they have accrued before leaving toward this award.

  • Accumulations from different years are acceptable. For example, since our school year consists of 3 terms, as long as you accumulate 9 terms (3 terms per year x 3 years) of CHL or CSL class time, then you qualify for the $100 award level.

  • The qualifying years/terms will be determined according to MLCCC Weekend School's registration records.

  • The award is focused on students' persistence, regardless of their grades and/or performance.

  • The award is focused on learning the Chinese language. Therefore the period that a student registers for only culture classes such as Drawing, Karate, etc. will not count toward the award.

  • Qualified students need to apply for the award and only currently registered Weekend School students are eligible to apply.

  • All teachers' and administrators' children are qualified to receive the certificate but not the monetary award.

We congratulate our students who qualify for any of the above mentioned award levels, and encourage more students to reach the highest-level possible!