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MLCCC Weekend School Refund Policy

Students can withdraw from a class at any time. To withdraw from a class, you need to write an email to and state the student's name, class name, time of the class, and effective date for the withdrawal. You can also go to the school administrator's desk to complete and hand in a withdrawal form.

First class is a free trial:

  • If decide to register after the trial, then must register for the entire session, and pay registration fee if applicable.
  • If decide not to register after the trial, then full refund of any payments, including registration fee if paid any.

For withdrawal after the second class:

  • Registration fees (if paid) are non-refundable.
  • Unused portion of tuition minus a handling fee of $10 per student will be refunded.
  • For students who wish to withdraw a class due to change of the teacher in the middle of the school year, no withdraw handling fee will be deducted.
  • For long term leave of 3 weeks or more, such as for travel, must notify school 1 month in advance for full refund of missed classes.

Updated: 8/1/2010