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MLCCC Summer Camp Policies

Registration-fee-waived date extended to 6/1/2020.

Registration Fee:

$50 per family, waived if deposit is submitted or postmarked by 6/1/2020.

Referral Bonus Policy:

Referral Bonus: $25 bonus will be given for each new camper referred (from different family) who registers for at least 2 weeks (new = have not attended any of our camps before). There is no limit on the number of referrals.

Late Pickup Policy:

$1 per minute late fee.

Deposit Policy:

Chinese Camp: $60 per week, $120 per session, $480 for the whole summer.
Enrichment/Combo Camp: $150 per session, $600 for the whole summer.
Deposit is required for each child at registration time.

Deposit is fully refundable if withdraw by 6/1/2020. After 6/1/2020, deposit is non-refundable.

Policy on Switching Weeks, Changing Pick Up Times, or Adding Weeks (If Space is Available):

Before or on 6/1/2020, no cost to switching weeks, changing pick up times, or adding weeks.

After 6/1/2020, a $5 fee per child per transaction, for each switch-of-weeks / change-of-pick-up-times (even if for a day) / addition-of-weeks.

Note that policy on reducing number of weeks or withdrawing completely is specified below.

Policy on Reducing Weeks or Withdrawing Completely:

· If you reduce or withdraw BY 6/1/2020, you will receive a full refund of your payment.
· If you reduce or withdraw AFTER 6/1/2020 but BEFORE you start to attend camp, you will receive a refund of your payment minus your deposit.
· If you reduce or withdraw AFTER you start to attend camp, you will receive a prorated refund minus your deposit.

Release of Liability:

My child is voluntarily participating in the MLCCC activities at United Church Of Christ, 45 Walker Road, Wayne, PA 19087. I hereby waive and discharge MLCCC, United Church of Christ (UCC), its officers, teachers, volunteers, and staff from all liability as a result of my child’s participation in MLCCC activities at UCC or at any events hosted by or incidental to MLCCC, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, whether resulting in any physical injury, illness or economic loss.

Image/Name Usage Release:

I hereby grant MLCCC the right to use my child’s name and image for promotional, news, or public relations purposes in print and/or in electronic media.

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