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MLCCC Fencing Summer Camp in Wayne, PA

Located at the United Church of Christ at Valley Forge (map), at 45 Walker Road, Wayne, PA 19087, near Valley Forge Elementary School, our Fencing summer camp is open to all children ages 7-14. It runs for 3 hours a day for 2 weeks. Equipment is provided.

Fencing is known as human speed chess because each move has a counter move and trains split second decision-making and accurate hand-eye coordination. The class emphasizes having fun while practicing discipline, acquiring strength and improving gross motor skills. This program uses a variety of games that promote strength, coordination, and tactical understanding. The coach is a certified fencing teacher and a member of the U. S. Fencing Association.

We have sibling and return camper discounts, in addition to early registration and referral bonus.

Since our English Writing Camp, Math Enrichment Camp and Fencing Camp are all at the same location, our Wayne campers will have the option to mix and match whenever the four choices are available. For example, they can be in Writing Camp for half the day and Math Camp for half the day, or Chinese Camp for half the day and Fencing Camp for half the day. Please see our Chinese, English Writing, Math Enrichment and Fencing Camps Combo Registration Form.