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MLCCC Organizational Training Programs

According to the US Census bureau, Asian-Americans represent approximately 5% of the US population. From 1990 to 2000, the population's growth of 49% represented the fastest rate of all racial groups in the country. Asians also enjoy the highest median household income of all groups, more than $9,000 ahead of non-Hispanic White households, and far in amount to Hispanic and African-American median incomes. One reason that some experts have stated is that the segment also has the highest level of educational attainment of all groups in the country, with 44 percent of Asians holding a B.A. degree or higher.

Other experts believe the positive wealth attribute to be impacted by disproportionately high rates of business ownership within this community. As such, a number of businesses, non-profits, academic institutions, and social groups have had discussions with the Main Line Chinese Culture Center to determine how the entity can help address their specific organizational training needs. For example, a common request is to provide cultural insight guidance on how to increase the number of Asians (eg. Chinese-Americans, etc) to join their organization as a member and/or client. To find out more details, please email us at

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