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MLCCC Staff and Instructors


Qunbin Xiong, MLCCC School Principal

  • Joined MLCCC in 2007
  • Vice Principal at MLCCC since 2008
  • Weekend School and Summer Camp Registrations
  • Multimedia support for school, camp and cultural exchange events
  • 15+ years of dedication with area's Chinese schools
  • Board of directors and VP of Academics of another area school (termed)
  • 20+ years of employment at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Vice President at Henan Association of America
  • Board of Directors, Ithan Mills Homeowner Associations

Julia Chou, MLCCC School Vice Principal

  • Joined MLCCC in 2009
  • Treasurer and Operations since 2017 (Communications Coordinator 2010-2012, Director of Operations 2012-2017)
  • Summer Camp Co-Director
  • Assists with numerous facets of MLCCC operations (School, Camp, Visa, Events, Website, Tutoring, Presentations, Finance, Planning, Marketing, Communications)
  • 7+ years of quantitative experience in insurance industry
  • Cornell University, BA in Math and Linguistics

Sally Chen, MLCCC Director of Academics

  • Joined MLCCC in 2016
  • Weekend School Class Assignment, strategic planning,
  • Co-Director, MLCCC Summer Camps
  • School and Camp teachers training and recruitment
  • School Academic Streamlining and Planning

MLCCC Class & Instructors

Language Instructors

Chen, Yu; Gao, Baoli; Gao, Guangyu; Li, Huimin; Li, Jing; Li, Ling; Li, Ran; Mao, Mingyu; Qi, Zhigang; Tang, Ying; Teng, Iris; Wang, Liping; Wang, Rui; Wang, Xin; Yang, Xuedan

English Writing

Frank, Deborah


Wang, Corina; Kang, Lan


Hsu, Robert


Ma, Weiwei


Chan, Kim

Computer Coding

Sun, Wei


Draper, Graham; Le, Steve; Rudi, Valentino


Le, Thomas; Hsu, Robert


Xia, Wen

SAT Prep

Le, Thomas

MLCCC Clubs & Instructors

Li, Lu
Men, Lydia
Shao, Hezhen


Baoli Gao

  • Teaches Kindergarten Chinese (Chinese as a Heritage Language) and CSL Children's Class (Chinese as a Second Language) in Weekend School at GVHS
  • Teaches MLCCC Summer Camp
  • Joined MLCCC in 2009 as Chinese Language Instructor
  • 5+ years teaching experience in Chinese Gospel Church
  • 10+ years working experience in civil engineering industry
  • Gansu Union University, Civil Engineering

Guangyu Gao

  • Teaches MLCCC Summer Camp
  • Chinese language instructor of another local Chinese school during the school year
  • Changchun Architecture University, BS

Thomas Le

  • Teaches SAT Verbal, SAT Math, and Mathcounts
  • 6+ years of teaching experience at MLCCC Weekend School
  • Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society
  • Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
  • University of Pennsylvania, BS in Materials Science and Engineering

Mingyu Mao

  • Teaches 2nd Grade Chinese (Chinese as a Heritage Language) in Weekend School at GVHS
  • Teaches MLCCC Summer Camp
  • Joined MLCCC in 2006 as Chinese language Instructor
  • Southeast University Medical School, Bachelor of Medicine

Zhigang Qi

  • Teaches Chinese as a Heritage Language in Weekend School at GVHS since 2007
  • Designed, developed, and maintains the MLCCC website
  • Northeastern University, MS in Computer Science
  • East China University of Science and Technology, BS in Chemical Engineering

Liping Wang

  • Teaches 1st Grade Chinese (Chinese as a Heritage Language) in Weekend School at GVHS
  • Teaches MLCCC Summer Camp
  • Joined MLCCC in 2007 as Chinese Language Instructor
  • 15+ years of employment at the University of Pennsylvania

Honglei Yuan

  • Teaches CSL Teens & Adults Class (Chinese as a Second Language) in Weekend School at GVHS
  • Chinese language class drill instructor at Villanova University