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Summer Camp Testimonials

"Nicholas LOVED his teacher. He enjoyed learning Chinese and writing Chinese characters. He enjoyed the handkerchief and fan dancing and exercise dances. I really appreciated the caring, gentle atmosphere. The performances the children did at the end of each week were wonderful. Nicholas is looking forward to going back to Chinese Camp next summer."
- Connie K.

"This is my son's first year at the summer camp at MLCCC and he loves it! It's a great combination of athletics (tennis & martial arts), academics, and outdoor play. The teachers and administrators are open and caring. I love the language immersion - my son is finally speaking more Mandarin at home. We'll be back!"
- C. L.

"We were in the car, and Brianna and Shannon started singing one of your Chinese songs that I had never heard before! They ARE 'getting it', and storing it in their sponge/absorbent brains! I love it!"
- Linda Gosnell

"I just wanted to share how much the girls enjoyed your summer camp. Now every time we go grocery shopping they say all the fruits and vegetables out loud in Chinese! And at home the girls will make their own paper fans and dance with them! It was a great experience. Thank you all for your hard work!"
- P. C.

"We are very grateful for the wonderful program run by MLCCC. Both Sophie and Will learned a lot and enjoyed themselves immensely. We appreciated the opportunity each Friday to hear the children show what they had learned that week. They were very proud to show off their accomplishments. They are anxious to return next summer."
- M. D.

"We are amazed at how much the kids are learning Chinese (as well as other skills) while enjoying the summer. Thank you and all the teachers for organizing this."
- Q. S.

"The summer camp is a great place for kids to spend their summers since my daughter Sarah learns a lot of things, such as Chinese, dance, drawing, and history knowledge of China, tennis and karate. Also, she makes new friends there. Thanks a lot for the camp."
- S. L.

"We are really grateful for Yang Laoshi's teaching and encouragement. Watching my daughter's progress on learning Chinese is the most wonderful thing. Thank you all for your efforts."
- M. Z.

"My daughter has enjoyed four full weeks at your Chinese camp, and learned a lot about Chinese culture and language. Now, she is asking me to sign up for one more week."
- Jeremy Lin

"Madi loved Chinese camp, and told us that Ms. Qian was a great teacher. We would love to have her continue learning Chinese through the school year if possible."
- Lena Adams Kim

"Dear Ms. Wang,
Thank you so much for the hard work in the past two weeks. My daughter really enjoyed everyday she spent in your group."
- Lin Xia

"The campers' Chinese style brush painting looks fantastic. It's amazing how the young children are able to paint this well for having just started learning it a few weeks ago. Great job MLCCC and MLCCC's camp teachers. Thank you!"
- Zhigang Qi

"It's a great summer camp! Both Eric and we, parents have lovely memories for this year and previous two years."
- Rongkai Xu

"Thank you so much again for organizing such a wonderful Chinese camp for kids! Samuel had a lot of fun learning Chinese and playing with friends at the camp."
- Ping H.

"Thank you and your team for the wonderful care you provided for Jack's stay at MLCCC this summer. He learned Chinese and had a great time with his friends. We are looking forward to next summer."
- H. C.

"My child loved your Chinese camp this summer. She always talks about how much she misses learning songs in Chinese. The teacher was wonderful."
- B. W.

"Vivian enjoyed the Chinese summer camp so much, she will be there next summer."
- Dongxia Liu

"Karen will definitely join the summer camp again. She really enjoyed everything there."
- J. Wang

"My daughter attended your camp in the past two summers and we really like your diversified activities."
- W. P.

"Jennie-Jin had a wonderful time, she comes home talking about her day."
- Joline Miceli

"My son loved Rosemont."
- P. P.

"As always, mlccc is a great program."
- A. M. L.