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Athletic - Chinese Martial Arts, Tennis, and Fencing

Chinese Martial Arts

  • Taught by by Mr. Valentino Rudi
    Teacher Valentino Rudi has studied Chinese martial arts for over 20 years. Valentino is a dedicated student of Zhao Changjun Shifu (赵长军曾任陕西省武术总队总教练), who has promoted Valentino to Wushu Coach and calls Valentino “A young Shifu”. Under Zhao Changjun, Valentino has studied various Wushu forms both external and internal systems including, Shaolin Quan, Hu Quan, Gun Ze, Fan, whip chain. Guan Dao, Cha Quan, Funzi Quan, Pi Gua, Hsing I Quan, Ba Gua, Tai Chi and more including Jian and Ji ben gong (Foundation training). Valentino has won a gold and bronze in Wushu competitions and has earned the title as a wushu judge for competition and testing with the approval of Zhao Changjun and Wu Bing (Jet Li’s Shifu)

Tennis - great curriculum and teachers, for a very reasonable tuition.

  • Taught by Crosscourt Gemini

Fencing - is known as human speed chess because each move has a counter move. It trains split second decision-making and accurate hand-eye coordination.

  • Taught by Coach Graham Draper
    Coach Graham Draper is a Fencing Instructor with 19 years of experience with his studies starting at the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia. He captained Archmere Academy's Fencing Club before teaching at Lionville YMCA during his college years. Going on his 5th year of teaching, he is happy to be bringing fencing to the Main Line Chinese Culture Center.
    The class emphasizes having fun while practicing discipline, acquiring strength and improving gross motor skills. This program uses a variety of games that promote strength, coordination, and tactical understanding. After the beginning several classes, the curriculum will cover foot technique, proper use and handling of the foil, and includes mock bouts.
    Coach will only recommend buying equipment if student is still interested after numerous classes. Starter set is about $90 and include sword, vest, mask, bag, etc. and lasts for many years but for needing taller vests as child grows.

TIME: Running from September to May on Sunday afternoons

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LOCATIONS: Great Valley High School in Malvern, PA

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