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MLCCC's SAT Prep Program

The MLCCC SAT Prep Program provides a curriculum that integrates successful SAT taking techniques and strategies with numerous SAT practice tests.

  • Class meets once per week the whole school year (a total of 30 weeks).
  • Each meet is 100 minutes of class time with two 10-minute breaks (50-min class, 10-min break, 50-min class, 10-min break)

Our Mathcounts teacher will bring the same enthusiasm and practicality to this class as he has done to our Mathcounts class. He will teach both Verbal and Math, which ensures consistency between the classes and more complete understanding of the students’ characteristics. It is imperative that students master the key concepts and strategies to ensure the highest possible SAT score. While Verbal seems totally different from Math, they are similar in that both have their own sets of rules and it is the critical thinking ability under time pressure that is tested. Given the convergence of the SAT and ACT (where the SAT was revised to be more like the ACT), the class will draw upon ACT problems as well. While our teacher is known in our community for his Mathcounts class (3 of his students advanced to the Mathcounts State Competition, and 1 to National), he has a strong writing background as well, having authored numerous executive summaries as well as in-depth technical narratives. Critical thinking and clarity of thought will pave a path to success regardless of one’s chosen vocation.

TIME: Running from September to May on Sunday afternoons

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LOCATIONS: Great Valley High School in Malvern, PA